Friday, 27 December 2013

Dhoom:3 on a record breaking speed in Pakistan as well !!

The movie even broke the record set by the Pakistani film Waar last month for the highest box office collections on the first day of release

In the country’s largest city of Karachi, Dhoom:3′s box office receipts from 56 screens on its opening day was around Rs 20 million. Bollywood icon Aamir Khan’s latest release Dhoom:3 has broken box office records in Pakistan in the first week of its release, with multiplexes running five shows a day to capitalise on interest in the film.

Waar grossed Rs 11.4 million on its opening day but Dhoom:3 has surpassed that by a large margin,” said Nadeem Mandviwalla, one of Pakistan’s leading exhibitors and distributors. Dhoom:3 was released at a time when the screening of Indian movies has come under a cloud because of an order from the Lahore High Court barring the exhibition of “illegally” imported films.
The Dhoom:3 craze in Karachi has reached such heights that multiplexes are running the film on all their screens and having five shows a day on one screen – something unheard of in the Pakistani film industry. “There is no doubt that Dhoom:3 has been a massive hit and the reason for this is clearly Aamir Khan and the pre-release publicity for the film,” Mandviwalla said.