Sunday, 13 October 2013

unknown facts about SRK

  • SRK is a half Pathan (father) and half Hyderabadi (mom).
  • Shahrukh is scared of riding horses.
  • His Favorite phrase “Let’s do it”.
  • Shahrukh khan has done 5 movies as a stunts director
  • He captained all teams in football, hockey, and played cricket  at zone and national level.
  • He has been voted the sexiest man in Asia by the Jade magazine.
  • For a short spell, Shahrukh Khan ran a restaurant in Darya Ganj, New Delhi.
  • In school there were four of them and called themselves the ‘c’ gang. As they were from the c-section. They are still friends and are married friends. Like he married Gauri who’s best friend is married to Vikas.
  •   Shahrukh Khan launched his perfume "SK" with the French perfumers,  Jeannes Arthes.
  • The Arrogance: Shah Rukh would return home at nine every night, after taking part in elocution, exhibitions, or rehearsing. Later at night he would play Cricket under the street lamp. He would study at the last minute
  • He does not like to eat ice cream.
  • During his busy schedule, SRK manages with only 5 hours of sleep.
  • SRK and his father, Mir Taj Mohammad, shared a great relationship. They called each other 'yaar'.
  • SRK dislikes dabbling in shares, speculation, lotteries and gambling.
  • The superstar believes in being greedy for knowledge and love. His philosophy is - "Even if you are not hungry, be greedy. Greed is the core of mankind's existence
  • Young Shah Rukh was awarded the 'Sword of Honour' in school, for being the most outstanding student. His teachers always said that he was an angel with a devil's smile.
  • SRK's favourite role was the one in 'Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na', and his all-time favourite Hindi movies include 'Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron', 'Masoom', Sholay , and 'Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin'.
  • One of the reasons why Shah Rukh bought Mannat, his palatial bungalow, was since he wanted to have an exclusive prayer room. Shah Rukh says that if he were broke, he will sell everything except Mannat
  • Shahrukh Khan is a Muslim but celebrates Diwali and Christmas along with Eid every year. He keeps a Lakshmi Pooja every year in his office and at home. He even has a Christmas tree at home.  
  • Shahrukh requires a lot of his own space for himself and his near and dear ones understand that. Whenever Shahrukh is angry, he needs to be left alone or you will only make him angrier. 
  • Shahrukh loves watching movies in the darkness of his car. He loves watching movies alone and peacefully.
  • For Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa, Shah Rukh had taken a signing amount of Rs 5,000 and did the entire film for Rs. 25,000. 
  •  He does not keep a beard as he and his kids find it scratchy
  • SRK'S philosophy with people: It's OK if people let you down, their loss not yours 

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