Wednesday, 18 September 2013

10 Interesting facts about Hritik Roshan (KRRISH)


1. Hrithik had his first brush with the camera in 1980, when he was merely six years of age. He was cast as an extra in a dance sequence for the movie ‘Aasha’.
2.Hrithik was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age 21. Then, this meant that he would never be able to    dance   something he is worshipped for today.
3.  Hrithik maintains a personal scrapbook where he documents his daily life by taking pictures adding them to his scrapbook.
4.  In the year 2000, on Valentine's Day, Hrithik claims to have received about thirty thousand proposals for marriage from his fans.
5. The mafia’s attack on his father Rakesh Roshan shook him, after which he contemplated quitting his Bollywood career.
6. Hrithik had a stammering problem since childhood. In order to combat the problem, he took speech lessons and, today, he is one of the most eloquent Bollywood stars.The actor has now started a speech therapy institution to help people with similar issues.
7. While assisting his father on the sets of his movies, Hrithik did all kinds of menial jobs like serving tea to the actors and sweeping the floors.
8.  It was superstar Shah Rukh Khan who was chosen to play the lead in Kaho Na…Pyar Hai. However he did not like the role that much and it was ultimately given to Hrithik, which proved on to be his best performance.
9. Hrithik Roshan is said to be inept at handling money. He depends on his parents and wife, Susanne, to take care of the financial details.
10.Linkup with Barbara Mori: During the shooting of Kites, rumors started doing the rounds that Hrithik was having an affair with co-star Barbara Mori. This allegedly resulted in his wife Sussanne Roshan moving out of their house, though the two have apparently sorted things out now.

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