Wednesday, 11 September 2013

10 Facts you dint know about RAJNIKANT.

 10 intresting facts that you sholud know about Thalaiva - The BOSS

1.His close friend Bahadur is the first guy who rekindled his interest in art during the conductor profession and also helped him go to Pune for studying in the film institute.

2.Superstar met his wife Latha when a group of young college girls came to interview him and she was leading the team. He was immediately attracted and their marriage was made possible with help of YG mahendran.

3.Rajini is the only star who had visited the most sacred caves of Himalayas were Sadhus live. He had gone deep into the mountains around five times which is considered impossible by many even now.

4.Rajini is fond of his old memories and retains the things he used in the past like his car, clothes and other accessories.

 5.   The only person who has the right to scold and put him in right path is his mentor K Balachandar, who can question him anytime.

6. After the success of Sivaji, Rajinikanth's fee of Rs 26 crores made him the highest-paid Asian actor after Jackie Chan.

7.Rajinikanth has not died on-screen in films for many years now. Directors fear that killing his character will send fans on a rampage. 

8. Rajnikanth never acts in any advertisements nor become a brand ambassador of a product which gives false promises and have a bad impact in our economy. 

9.The much popular style of tossing the cigarette up in the air to catch it with his lip started as early before he reached his eighteen. Betting his senior friends that he is capable of joining their gang, Shivaji first performed the trick in the bushes at school.

10.  During his school days, Rajini had a strong liking for acting and had performed various roles in the stage plays . Playing the role of villains like ravana was his favorite and he did it so well in his own style that the audience clapped for minutes together after his performance.
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